My mom has always said "No relationships until college" and that "When you're 21 you can be free and make your own decisions." I'll be graduating high school in 5 months and out in college in 8 months, but my parents still claim reign over me since I'll be coming back home during breaks and since they'll be paying for most of my college tuition.

My boyfriend's parents will still know about our relationship, which will make it more likely that my parents will see past the lie.

For the second option, we will still see each other every day at school and still know that we love each other; it'd cause quite a bit of heartache to be that close and yet not be together.

It'd also take a lot of commitment, hope, and faith from both of us.

I'm still discussing our options with my boyfriend, but it's all very stressing.

It’s very easily possible for myself to come into contact with men of my ethnicity and likewise, it’s just as simple for other Vietnamese women, as well.

Aside from that fact, I’ve unintentionally hung out with guys outside of my racial background more so than not (I wouldn’t say date, as I’ve never dated THAT much.

" and I said "My face would look like this all the time." My face was streaked with tears.

My mom said that that just means I'm already too involved with my boyfriend emotionally and that I should be pulled out immediately.

My friends agree that my parents are being ridiculous and that they have very little sympathy for me. Obviously your post was written a long time ago but I just want to say that Asian culture is known to oppress its children and young adults for the sake of conformity and reputation.