In 2000, he formed the Scottish supergroup The Reindeer Section, comprising 47 musicians from 20 different bands, including members of bands like Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Idlewild, Teenage Fanclub, Arab Strap and other musicians.

Lightbody's lyrics typically deal with the topic of love.

Although he considers himself a political person and has tried writing songs with such themes, he eventually abandoned his efforts as he found all of them awkward.

They mixed up various styles of music as house, rock, and hip hop.

They gained a loyal following and socialised together for about two years.

He feels an attachment to the place, as it gave him his first taste of success.

He had become frustrated by Snow Patrol's lack of financial success and felt lost and aimless.

In May 2009, Lightbody commenced writing his music column, Gary Lightbody's Band of the Week, in the magazine Q The

As a songwriter/bandleader, he has written songs and lyrics for a wide variety of artists and genres.

He feels the best way to write an honest song is to be simple, and that trying to complicate matters distorts the intended message.