Football is the most popular sport in Libya and people enjoy playing it and talking about the matches they watch.The well-known clubs in Tripoli are Al-Ittihad, AL-Ahli, AL-Madina and AL-Wahda.I spend most of my time watching tv, am a senegalese man love metting people i decide to link her to see my wish am1.

Questions like “what part of Libya (village/town) are you coming from? Some may even speak negatively about your own religion although most well-educated Libyans will not venture that far.

Politics because most people would welcome a political change in the country but they do not feel comfortable talking about that in public.

Any other quation dont be afraid to ask, im an open book.

Libyans are welcoming and generous to foreigners and would always try to help them adjust to the Libyan lifestyle.

Family discussion (not too personal) is always a good subject. You will be asked these types of questions as well.

If they have kids, you should ask questions about them. Work related discussions should not be too long especially if it is a non-related work meeting. Religion because if you start on that subject, certain Libyans might just decide to try to convert you!

When speaking with the opposite sex, continuous eye contact is not recommended either for a Libyan or a foreigner.

Faraway from the big cities, in small villages, you should avoid eye contact or any conversation with women.

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