Attitudes toward money and children are also important factors.

As introverts who use Introverted Sensing (i.e., as their tertiary function), INFPs tend be fairly conservative with their spending and content to live with relatively few possessions.

Namely, when we think about relationships, we typically think of feelings flowing reciprocally between partners.

For Fi users, however, feelings are not readily communicated (at least not directly) to one’s partner because their feeling function is introverted.

Another relationally relevant feature of Fi is its relatively narrow focus.

Like other types, INFPs tend to seek a partner with similar values and worldview.

For instance, Christian INFPs tend to pair with other Christians, liberals with other liberals, etc.

Therefore, for long-term personal growth and relational satisfaction, INFPs may be better off with INTJs, ENFPs, or perhaps even another INFP.

Less artsy or more conventional INFPs may have different criteria for what they seek in a partner. Drenth In order to understand INFP relationships and dating, we must first understand their dominant function, Introverted Feeling (Fi).In other words, we think of relationships as involving the extraversion of feelings (Fe).With that said, it is also true that other INFPs see finding love as their highest priority.They are your proverbial “romantics,” perhaps dreaming of finding “true love” or their eternal soulmate.As we’ve seen, INFPs love caring for those who cannot care for themselves, including children.