When it comes to meeting ‘the one’ women need to throw out the shopping list and realise that there’s no such thing as Prince Charming. No, but I do think they need to lower their expectations and open their minds up to the possibility that what they think they want is not what they are going to get.

Not least of all when they’re on the wrong side of 35.

I mean, this could possibly net me my soulmate — right? Let’s get real: The most plausible reason for my failure is because it’s not just Brooklyn women who are picky. (Many had profiles so bare, I was grasping at straws on how to message them: “YOU like Sriracha? So in the meantime, I’m going to keep swinging for the fences, because no matter how many times I’ve tripped down the dugout stairs, I still believe eventually I’ll round home plate.

It’s all New Yorkers, period — both male and female. Because even if you’re open to dating anyone with a pulse, you still aren’t guaranteed a match — or, hell, in my case, even a returned e-mail. Eventually I was contacting guys who were only 50 percent enemy — practically my soulmate!

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A woman can either write off a man because he uses too many emoticons in a text and continue complaining about how lonely she is or rip up her list and realise that Prince Charming doesn’t exist …

or is already married to a 21-year-old Victoria Secrets model.You get a perspective from people who may have introduced you ("The thing about Peter is, his wife was a selfish cow," that sort of thing).On the Internet, people have no context but the one they create. So despite the appeal of getting a third-party review on Islington Widower, his closeness to my business network fills me with dread. So although we have a lovely chat, and he invites me out for a glass of wine when I'm next in town, I decide not to call him. and I do really want to feel that kick in the loins again.I go into complete flap at the prospect and tell him how anxious I feel about a first date with someone. The worst thing that can happen, he says, is that the dogs will have had a good walk. But make the date low key and lower your expectations.I really like the idea of a very low-key first date. It is a difficult wardrobe call: can't really do sexy on a dog walk. It's not a bad idea to do something you'll enjoy even if the date doesn't work out.The filters on dating sites give us license to be equally persnickety, sorting suitors by everything ranging from age to astrological sign.