I even travelled to Sydney specifically to see the band play in 2011, since most international artists prefer to neglect my city where possible (I understand this has nothing to do with you).After the show, I waited outside with a few other fans, who were equally as devoted as I, and eventually you came out to have a chat and take photos with us and stuff.

Some of the fans I met are still friends of mine to this day. Shortly after appearing outside, you collapsed from exhaustion and went over to the van to lie down and rest.

A few minutes later, you returned and continued to take photos and sign merchandise for us, despite however you were feeling at the time and despite us being told by Ethan that you were too exhausted or something, I can’t remember precisely.

I am likely to leave this world at a time when technology is just becoming overwhelmingly sophisticated and powerful, far beyond present comprehension of the human race.

Change is something that I have come to expect, despite growing up being told over and over again that “people are afraid of change.”To me, this is no longer true.

Our souls cannot undertake metamorphosis in the short term from the things we see and hear, taste and touch — even some of the things we think and feel.

Part of everyone is permanent and resistant to change.

But we didn’t expect you to come back, so I am incredibly and eternally appreciative of the care you demonstrated to us fans that stayed back that night, just so we could all meet you briefly.

A few years after that night, however, Alice Glass disappeared.

The next, we wake swollen with fear due to the perpetrators of violence spreading hatred throughout the veins of our Planet.

We rarely seem to look back as a society anymore and nothing ever remains the same. However, while the external environment is always going to be unpredictable and (mostly) uncontrollable, our beliefs, values, passions and attitudes as human beings are much more enduring.

However, since your departure I have been left feeling increasingly ‘concerned’ over what I believe to be continuous ‘justification’ of your artistry; something I don’t believe you felt was necessary when you were part of Crystal Castles.