For example, to assign the value that the user entered in cell as the name of the worksheet.However, Excel will display the worksheets in the order that they were added to the workbook, so now, you must determine how to automatically sort the names of the worksheets in alphabetical order..

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This flashing can be distracting to users and slow down the code as users add more worksheets to the workbook.

To eliminate the flashing and speed up execution of the code, the Screen Updating property of the Application object is set to In this scenario, the spreadsheet developer wants to copy a list of region names in a column on a master worksheet, including additional information about each region, and then run a macro that creates a new workbook file for each region.

Summary: Learn how to write Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to automatically name and sort worksheets.

In addition, learn how to create and name sets of worksheets based on data in the current workbook, and then save each new worksheet as a new workbook.

An event-handler subroutine is code that runs when the user performs a particular action in Excel, such as opening or saving a workbook, or entering values into worksheets.

In the Excel VBA object model, each user action that can have code associated with it is called an If you search the Excel Developer Reference for "event," you can view all the topics that describe the events that have associated VBA event-handler code.

When the new workbook is saved, the worksheet used to create that workbook is deleted.

The following code example shows the entire object to select the specified ranges of rows from the REGION SHEET worksheet, followed by a call to the Copy method to copy those rows to the new worksheet.

Each workbook should contain the first three rows of boilerplate data, followed by the row of information for that region.

The example shows only four items in the row for each region (region name, owner name, and their associated labels). Starting out with Flexible Dieting this seems a lot more complicated than it really is.