When the groom arrives at the bride’s home, her friends and relatives will try to prevent him from reaching the bride.

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Who can Consent(i) father; or (ii) If the father is dead, the mother; or(iii) if the child is illegitimate, the mother; or(iv) if the child is adopted, the adopted father;(v) if the adopted father is dead, the adopted mother;(vi) if both parents (whether natural or adopted) are dead, the legal guardian.

What to do when all the persons who could give consent are dead or unreasonably refuses to give consent: The affected party may apply to court to get consent and such consent is valid for registration of a marriage.

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Although there are no hard-and-fast rules about what should and should not be done during Malay weddings, there are certain expectations as to how the bridal couple and guests should behave. Learning to appreciate Malay weddings and their traditions.

For example, the bridal couple are traditionally not allowed to talk too much or even laugh during the Shaik Kadir. Learning to appreciate Malay weddings and their traditions. Retrieved from In website: Xu, T., & Jamal Ismail.

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upon payment of the prescribed fee If the Registrar of Marriages is satisfied that all the requirements have been complied with. Note: The marriage should take place within 6 months of publication or posting of the notice failing which the entire process will have to be repeated.(iv) Objections to the marriagea.

Anyone with a valid reason for objecting or preventing the registration of a marriage, can enter a is entered, the Registrar shall enquire into the merits of the objection If he feels that there are no merits, he will issue the certificate for marriage.

The Law Reform (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976 came in force on 1st March 1982 . If they had the temple wedding after 1.3.1982 and did not register the marriage, then the marriage is not valid].2.