One of his older brothers, John, played on the junior circuit and made it into the top ten in the rankings during his teens.

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On Friday, July 24, Moore shared a photo on Instagram of the musician with his head bent down over a Scrabble board.

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John was about six years older than Andy, and went on to run a tennis academy in San Antonio, Texas, after retiring from competition because of a back injury.

Roddick came from a well-to-do family that could easily afford the expensive lessons and equipment necessary for early training in tennis.

"I'd spend hours on it and Mum would ask: ' What did you do today?

' I'd say: ' I beat Lendl, Becker, Edberg,'" citing the names of three greats from the men's tennis circuit during the 1980s—Czech player Ivan Lendl (1960–), Boris Becker (1967–) of Germany, and Stefan Edberg (1966–) of Sweden. "He would wear tennis clothes every day he came here," his mother, Blanche Roddick, recalled to Wertheim.

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Tennis player Andy Roddick had just turned twenty-one when he won the men's U. Both, Roddick has joked, were much better players than he was at the time.

He was still in the juniors rankings, and surprised many when he became the first American male player since 1959 to win the junior men's title.