We never did an album thinking we have to make this kind of record because this is how the last one was.

Specifically with the new record we had a whole shake up with the band before going in to do it.

As far as the sound of the band compared to the sound in the past, I feel like a much tighter band sounding live than we have been in our entire career with this new line-up.

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We were trying to get a hold of the other guys and they weren’t returning our phone calls.

All of a sudden they said we don’t want to be in the band anymore and we have another gig, a week later our management dropped us.

Everything kind of just fell into place, there is no better way to say it then that.

That kind of led us to keep saying everything happens for a reason.

After their band left them in the dust in 2011 front woman Maria Brink and lead guitarist Chris Howorth were at a cross roads.

They could either pack it up and put In This Moment to rest or rise from the grave to become something bigger than before.

That’s why It’s a great direction the band is going in.

You have been a part of In This Moment since the beginning in 2005.

We were feeling pretty left out in the dust, it was very difficult at that point.

We were thinking oh my god what are we going to do?

This is absolutely the band’s most successful album to date.