He is completely innocent even though his mind works at a mile a minute.

When he wanders into the nearby city he is detained by police and sent to a juvenile detention center as a John Doe.

I don't know a fucking thing about having a child, but all you've got to do, the most important thing, is bring that child up in as safe and loving an environment as you can.

Report This Page Kirsten Prout is a Canadian actress who was born on 28th September 1990 in Vancouver, British Colombia. She likes to spend her leisure time with her family and friends. When she was child she used to imagine herself as one of the character while watching Disney movies. She is known as she worked as leading role in drama Kyle XY in ABC’s family as Amanda Bloom. She has stated that she too the decision in acting was her teacher’s response when she was in 2nd grade.

She has also played in teen drama of ABC’s family in The Lying Game. Because of this her mother asked her how to make her happy then she answered acting.

On January 31, 2009, ABC Family announced that Kyle XY would not return for a fourth season.

The season finale of the show aired on Monday, March 16, 2009, at 9/8c on ABC Family, leaving several unresolved dramatic cliffhangers.

Kyle XY is an American science fiction television series produced by ABC Family.

The central character is a teenage boy (Matt Dallas) who awakens naked in a forest outside Seattle, Washington, with no more knowledge or abilities than a newborn and no belly button.

She has travelled throughout the west indies islands and the Europe as a whole.

Prout started dating an actor Matt Dallas in 20th June 2006.

Following the last episode, writer Julie Plec revealed what had been planned for further seasons.

A boy wakens in the woods, naked and covered in pink goo.

Repressed memories begin to seep through and when he sees or remembers anything of importance to him he makes a picture of nearly snapshot quality with pointillism.