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I am impressed with religious people who can maintain a vow of celibacy.

But of my 43-and-a- half years, I have been celibate and single for 39 of them—28 if you subtract latency—and it is certainly not for lack of desire.

So, my current state of being is to embrace bachelorhood.

This was not conducive to putting down roots, and being introverted compounded the situation. When one flirtatious young lady sat in my lap at an open mic night, I was clueless.

Also, I was diagnosed with a mild non-verbal learning disability, which I contend is a milder form of autism or Asperger’s Syndrome; Closer to ADHD. Each of the two girlfriends I had had had to explicitly make clear to me that she was interested.

I’ve read that some violent crimes have been attributed to men who were isolated, troubled, and misguided.

Since women weren’t falling all over them, they felt the need to seek revenge for not having their egos stroked.

How wonderful that someone can be celibate for life. Not unless you put me in a beautiful mountain sanctuary free of worldly distractions and temptations.

I am in a period of celibacy, though—in the secular sense of the word, since it has been a few years since I have slept with anyone.

While I do not condone the violence, I can empathize with the fact that they are male, and as a human, I know we all suffer from loneliness at times.