In a sad, but not all that surprising, report by Nickelodeon UK, men are 11 years behind women in maturity.

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In the society in which we live today, with Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr's Instagrams readily accessible, women have got a lot to compete with.

Fortunately, we’re competing with women these men will never have a shot with. We can dream about Channing Tatum and Chris Pine all we want, but at least women are rational enough to understand that's just not gonna happen.

We're dealing with a new breed of men here and it's not the kind we grew up dreaming about.

It’s the want-what-I-want-but-don’t-know-how-to-get-it type; it’s the sweet and cuddly mama’s boys who grow up terrified of making the first move; it’s the guys who have so much to say but don’t know how to say it. We're left playing both sides of the game because they've simply forgotten how to play. They want the girl who's hard to get, but they don't know how to get her. We must tell them what they want if we're to get anywhere close to the goals we had for ourselves.

Aside from whether men should hold the door for women, few seemingly frivolous issues have fanned the flames of anti-feminism as much as who should pay for dates between men and women.

It’s a subject that seems to never die — see yesterday’s Guardian feature on “Paying while dating” — because there are always a subset of men who insist that it’s absolutely unfair that as the world has gotten closer to gender equality, men are still expected to pick up the check.

Well — to be fair here — not all men, but a lot of them. I've watched men chase women down for their phone numbers, yet wait a week to text them, acting like it's something they simply forgot about.

They'll make eye contact with you in the bar, but never come over. I've watched men spend an entire night talking to a girl, yet never get up the nerve to ask for her number.

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According to a study by Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Generation-Y is married.