If you’re nervous around women you don’t know well, that’s okay. Take a second or two to go over the 25 things men should know about women.

I guarantee you’ll realize they are just as nervous as you are, plus you’ll get a better idea of what women are really looking for in a man.

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We have all been there—the perfect situation that somehow goes awry, and the harder we try, the more wrong it gets.

The point of bringing up that painful memory is that when you engage with a new woman in any social setting, you have to remember a few things. Don’t think about yourself, how nervous you are, or what you’re angling to accomplish. Take a moment before you approach any woman to observe both her and your surroundings.

Exclaim over an unusual display, randomly solicit opinions about how those jeans you’re trying on look, or ask for an opinion on a product you’re examining.

When you engage in ordinary, no-pressure interactions in a safe, public place, you offer women the opportunity to get a sample of what you have to offer. It’s okay to play, to be a little sexy if the situation warrants it. Keep the focus on something or someone else, such as a female friend who would love that dress, an object of art, or some other aspect that catches your eye.

The biggest part of flirting is a sense of lightness.

Flirtation is the antithesis of the intensity that many guys bring to social situations when they’re nervous or lonely.If you can reduce the tension, you stand a better chance of taking the conversation beyond pleasantries.As well, by being genuinely excited by what she’s talking about, you increase her attraction to you.When you’re out on your own, don’t always play it safe.Be playful and engage random people in a conversation by expressing interest in your surroundings. Not everyone around you will be uncomfortable with human engagement.If you’re one of these men or perhaps asking yourself the same questions, there are a few simple steps you can follow to ease your social worries.