Most people won't appreciate finding out you've lied to them.

Most sites also have other questions you can answer regarding your personal views and habits.

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Consequently, you must make sure your photos are what people are looking for and that they portray you in a positive light.

Your profile picture should be a good, accurate representation of you. In addition, the following tips will make your profile picture stand out more.

Finding experience qualities may take a little effort. There is no "perfect profile" since everyone isn't looking for the same thing. What do you want that type of person to know about you?

Read his profile carefully; this is where you will get a sense of who he really is. What you need to think about is the type of person you want to date. Remember, you aren't trying to attract every man on the site...

All dating sites have basic, close-ended questions for your age, height, weight, sexual preference, etc.

The choice is yours about what level of honesty you want to give but, at some point, you'll have to tell the truth.

A good approach is to let people know what it was about their profile that prompted you to contact them.

‘I found your profile interesting’ just doesn’t cut in the originality stakes, so you’ll need to be more specific. If you mail someone and they don’t respond, wait a while before you consider a follow-up message.

All of the above advice also applies to replying to messages, but here are a few other things to keep in mind: Make sure you are on your dating site often. If you aren't online for several days, you can be seen as being unavailable. If you are offline for a couple of weeks, it can be assumed you are dating someone else.