BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY METALLURGICAL SOCIETY 38 Bimiingham University Metallurgical Society. Technical Societies, Research and Trade Associations in Birmingham. , CONCLUSION 74 APPENDIX ^^ Types and i\Iethods of Research — Gore. THE CITY OF BIRMINGHAM AND ITS HISTORY 11 Early History.

THE CHEMIST 19 Chemical Societies and the Development of Chemistry.

The Japanese Research Institute for Iron and Steel.


Delivered before the Birmingham University Metallurgical Society in The Metallurgical Department of the Universitv of Bnminghctm, On Tuesday, October 30th, 1923.

Birmingham University October 30th, 1923 THE TEMPLE OF SCIENCE.

1 pi^ COPYRIGHT 1923 First Edition October 1923 Reprinted November 1923 Contents of the Address PART I Section page r.

The History and Progress of Metallurgical Science By SIR ROBERT A.

PART II : Relating to Metallurgy and Aietallurgical Chemistry, and their application to Modern Engineering.

The following therefore shall attempt to at least attenuate this deficit by providing a ‘birds-eye view’ of German law.