The thing I could think of was his girlfriend, but that didn’t make sense because she was gorgeous. Now cut to Friday; I’m tabling for my club on campus and he comes out of nowhere to say hello.

And I was totally not attracted to Chris, for one he didn’t meet my height requirement (he’s my height!! I can tell he’s nervous and we awkwardly chat, realizing we’re both in theatre classes he says we should go see the mandatory play together.

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I was not going to walk in the heat and 3 inch heels 2 blocks to a different restaurant!!!!

Not that I cared where we ate, just that I was already at the restaurant!

Then we rode to a great little fish place on the beach and fed each other delicious jumbo shrimp and Alaskan Crab with butter while we chatted some more.

And finally we biked back to my place where we held hands, talked some more, did a little yoga to work out the kinks of the ride, snuggled up on the couch...he kissed me in that lazy, relaxed and sexy lip-biting-sucking way that makes your toes curl up.

How many friends do you have, status comments, event invitations.

I’d say getting blocked is right up there with being told off in person. Thankfully no one in my life right now does that; I’m referencing a past roommate who has some serious issues. Being a moody happiness-sucker is not productive for you, and the people around you certainly do not appreciate it. Hearing someone whine about their love life for the millionth time. Moral of the story: your friends will listen to your pain and insecurities; but once the tears and angst reach a threshold you either need to put a funny spin on the bitching or just . ) I called him on my way home from work to confirm dinner and see where we were going to be meeting. And in the emails we exchanged he talked about his love for flying and planes, then he says when we meet in person that he isn't a pilot at all and doesn't fly!He responded by saying he thought it was silly to drive two cars into LA, so we should instead figure out who is going to drive. I am not getting into a car with some one I don't know. What I said was, "Um, I'm totally not driving to LA with someone I don't know. So he said, "Fine, lets just go somewhere in town then." We agreed to go to an Italian restaurant. Of course I skipped a few "situations" in between, but we will get back to them after I just wanted to share my great experience and say...