The company says we can subconsciously detect how similar or different another person's immune system is through their body scent, which is determined by genes found in the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) system.

The HLA system is a driving force in partner selection, Instant Chemistry says, with research showing that up to 40 per cent of physical attraction can be determined through genes alone.

"These instinctual preferences strongly affect human sexual attraction and help us chose our romantic partners," it says on its website.

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Dave claims he fought off a mugger, "bashed his head into the concrete", and possibly killed him.

Sean, now a detective with the Massachusetts State Police, investigates Katie's murder. Over the course of the film, Sean and his partner, Sergeant Whitey Powers, track down leads while Jimmy conducts his own investigation using his neighborhood connections.

This score is then used to assess the person's compatibility with other clients.

The company says these scores can help determine if two individuals will experience physical attraction when they meet for the first time.

"Lack of time has been the biggest factor so far," he explained, as he provided a cheek swab to the company.

Crozier is using Instant Chemistry's services through the dating service "Misty River Introductions." Another Canadian dating service called "Camelot Introductions" is also offering its clients a chance to get their own compatibility scores.

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But Scott Hutchison, a spokesperson for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, warned clients of services that collect genetic information to take the appropriate safety precautions.

Katie goes out for the night with her girlfriends and Dave sees her at a local bar.