Consistently ranked in the top 10 UK marathons, an AIMS/IAAF Grade A certified race, with BARR Gold accreditation for outstanding race management.

We’re blessed with a tremendous amount of natural beauty in Milton Keynes.

The first is to make the budget more transparent, and give MKs a month to learn it and prepare for votes on it.

The official Knesset email address of Joint List MK Taleb Abu Ararwas found to have registered for Ashley Madison, a dating website for people who want to cheat on their spouses, when hackers released about 36 million members’ email addresses.

According to the hack, Abu Arar not only registered for the infidelity site, he confirmed his email address.

It doesn’t bother me if someone is religious or not, I care what their ideology is.

I’m glad [the] Strong Israel [party] didn’t pass the election threshold.

I realized that as a Zionist, a social democrat and a pragmatist, my only choice was Labor, so I rolled up sleeves and started to get experience and work on changing Labor from the inside.

They’re already written and [have appeared] on my Facebook page since the Labor primary.It is clear to all that there will be a Palestinian state. The best situation is for it to be two-sided, not a fact on the ground after unilateral [Palestinian] action, so we can defend Israel’s interests in a better way.### Get 20 Adobe Muse Templates for Just in This Bundle ### BHC ### The Trending Adobe Muse Bundle - 30 Templates for just ### QOd Love Muse is a dating landing page designed for Adobe Muse. There was a special atmosphere that I can’t really describe.I hope the high amount of women will be a change for the better, but being a woman is not enough.This is a very colourful and fun addition to the MK Marathon event for the whole family.