An exception that confirms the rule is Riva’s supporting role in Franco-American director Tonie Marshall’s 1999 hit “Venus Beauty Institute” (she also appeared in a couple of episodes of its spinoff tube series, “Venus and Apollo”).

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She last treaded the boards in 2001, in Euripides’ Greek tragedy “Medea,” and appeared in a TV adaptation of the play in the same year alongside future “Amour” co-star Isabelle Huppert.

Besides her work as a thesp in film, TV and on stage, she was also a published poet, having written three collections of poetry published between 19.

Haneke’s “Amour” went on to win the Palme d’Or, with a special mention for stars Riva and Louis Trintignant.

Riva also won best actress for the film at the European Film Awards and the BAFTAs.

Isolated and friendless, a glimmer of hope appears when a charming bartender shows her kindness, leading to an unexpected sexual encounter.

Wexford Plaza, one of our favorite films at Torino Film Festival, is in the competition of Slamdance Film Festival taking place from January 20-26. Joyce grew up in Toronto where her helicopter parents wouldn’t let her go out a lot.Besides the two Cannes titles, she is best remembered for her roles in three Venice fest premieres: Jean-Pierre Melville’s then-scandalous “Leon Morin, Priest” (1961), in which she played a young atheist widow who enters into a complicated relationship with the eponymous cleric; director Georges Franju’s 1962 Francois Mauriac adaptation “Therese Desqueyroux,” in which she played the despondent titular protag; and Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski’s 1993 title “Three Colors: Blue,” in which she essayed Juliette Binoche’s Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother.Riva won Venice’s best actress Coppa Volpi for “Desqueyroux.” Riva worked with a number of important directors, including Gillo Pontecorvo, Marco Bellocchio and Philippe Garrel, and the actress’s filmography reveals a breadth of work and a capacity to suggest conflicting feelings without necessarily using dialogue or relying on the strict meaning of spoken words.But should the offers not roll in, “That’s OK,” she told British paper the Guardian. Diese Einkaufsfunktion wird weiterhin Artikel laden. Um aus diesem Karussell zu navigieren, benutzen Sie bitte Ihre Überschrift-Tastenkombination, um zur nächsten oder vorherigen Überschrift zu navigieren.And although we don’t really have that kind of plazas, we do have parking lots and as teenagers we like to hangout there. [RMA] Is there is hope for the Betty’s and Danny’s in this world? There is lightness in the character of Betty that keeps her going. That tenacity hopefully will get her success in the future. We asked some of our favorite people to tell us something about a film that influenced their live.