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The Antiquities of Mesoamerica were constructed using BABYLONIAN and EGYPTIAN CUBITS (First reported by Garth Norman at the Sixth Palenque Round Table, 1986, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico). The excellent precision drawings of Palenque panels by Merle Green Robertson, Linda Schele, and Alfred Maudslay, made my task of checking geometric structure in the five major Palenque slab sculptures a truely rewarding exercise.

Western Guatemala’s as it is called, cannot be seen any more in which was clearly seen as the COMING FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SEA . The Palenque panels express an unsurpassed vitality for utilizing the geometric mandala frame with great variety of artistic creativity.

New Proposed Location for Solomon’s Temple by John P. Garth Norman, Lance Harding, and Jason Jones Exactly where was Solomon’s temple located?

Virtually all investigators agree that it was on the Temple Mount Platform in Jerusalem, but its precise location has been in question.

The research funding was arranged by Vern Swanson-Springville Museum of Art & Lyle Mortimer-Cedar Fort Publishers, Springville, Utah.

Historical Background King David, the father of Solomon, was commanded by the seer Gad to build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah, the Jebusite.

Divisions in the Palace hieroglyphic panel (below) were obviously dictated by the underlying Golden Mandala format.

The center point was interestingly reserved for reference to the ancestral King Pacal in the text.

The evidence presented here was discovered by our team who were sent to Jerusalem April (2008) to research the Temple Mount and surrounding area.