More » Many beginning reporters complain that with a notepad and pen they can never take down everything a source says in an interview, and they worry about writing fast enough in order to get quotes exactly right.

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Broadly speaking, a good quote is when someone says something interesting, and says it in an interesting way.

When preparing for an interview, come up with answers to common challenging and intimidating questions beforehand.

The good news is that basic interviewing skills can be learned, starting right here.

These articles contain everything you need to know about the equipment and techniques needed to conduct a good interview.

#7 Bring a portfolio of your previous work samples and other forms of evidence to display your skills and expertise: When there is an awkward silence, you can bring out your portfolio to showcase your work.

Note: only do this if the silence is linked to a question related to your skills, work history or career achievements.

Do not approach current employees about an interview – this will not go down well at all!

#3 Take a deep breath and collect your thoughts before answering a question.: The silence may be awkward while you collect your thoughts, but it is better to do this than to rush into answering a question.

Conducting interviews for news stories is an important skill for any journalist.