The sapwood is the living layers of the tree, is almost always lighter in color and density than the heartwood, and is more permeable to liquids and susceptible to decay.Back to Topics Looking at the availability of various exotic hardwoods, one would think that only a dozen or so rate use for a custom knife handle.Hardwoods compliment metals very well, and are artistically sound, choice exhibits.

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Though it may be said that each piece of wood is unique, many are so uniform that distinctive differences cannot be claimed.

In example, one piece of ebony looks pretty much like another, uniform and black.

Although I'm better known for my gemstone custom knife handles, I've worked extensively with woods in this field for over 30 years.

I'll continue to add to this page as I complete new projects and find pictures of other uses of these fine woods.

Wood handles are used on nearly every kind of fine tool, instrument, or even vehicles, including a ship's wheel.

Hardwoods exhibit a distinctive class of fine taste, and throughout time, will always be cherished for their value.I'm so glad I literally stumbled across your website.Questions, answers, pictures, descriptions, and synonyms of domestic and exotic hardwoods used in modern knife handles, knife stands, cases, and blocks.I was pleased with the whole process and can highly recommend Sword World and the service they provide at very reasonable rates. It is truly magnificent and thank you so much for your rapid and incredibly efficient service. Your efforts and your product facilitated an incredibly wonderful experience for our family and friends.We are totally thrilled not only with the stunning craftsmanship of the sword but the fact is we now have an engraved and personal keepsake to stay in the family.But most woods exhibit some figure, color variation, or pattern that makes them attractive.