I have no idea how The Hook-Up will manage to differentiate itself from some of the network’s past fodder, or if it will be the same old competition-based dating program.Suffice to say, we shouldn’t be surprised MTV is going down the dating route, once more.

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The newest project the network has picked up should be cheap to produce and at least a little familiar for viewers.

Called The Hook-Up, the new show will follow people dating one another.

’s “Fashion Police” will return for MTV’s Video Music Awards coverage, and the…

By Arya Roshanian As if record-breaking gold medals aren’t enough, Michael Phelps has added the title of reality show co-host to his list of accomplishments.

They look awfully cozy together, and totally don’t care who’s seeing it. Sophie looked super cute rocking her new blonde hair, by the way.

Sansa Stark has always had bright red hair, but Sophie went to the light side with a platinum blonde ‘do. This may not be an issue, but Sophie might want to be careful about the following.

In photos posted to Instagram hours before the awards show started, Joe is seen sitting close to the star, with his arm draped around the back of her chair at the pre-MTV European Music Awards show. In another photo, Sophie is seen looking adoringly into Joe’s eyes, with a big smile on her face.

She’s leaning into him while he still has his arm around her.

Joe’s ex, Ashley Greene, recently took him to task for spilling secrets about their sex life!