The question I needed to answer was how to simplify the process and the equipment.

Today that’s much easier with the latest compact high definition Canon camcorders being so portable and affordable.

The power source was separate from the camera, so it was very complicated, and the quality was a disaster compared with what I have today.

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My still camera doesn’t change, but I started recording video on tape and I was waiting for digital recording to start in order to make it much easier, mainly on the post-production - editing and working on the final cut of the product.

Having a smaller and a lighter camera, and recording on digital makes it much easier. First of all, it records on cards in a digital format.

Now there are none of the technical issues we had then - all I need to do is make is the decision to shoot since the modern HD camcorders are so much more compact and lightweight - they’re 10 times easier to use now.

For this I made a bracket to strap the camcorder alongside the lens and that means I can capture video clips and still images simultaneously, the moment the shutter is pressed.

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Ziv Koren has been a successful photojournalist for over 20 years and his work has been published in Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times, Stern, Paris Match and Wired among others.

It’s very simple – there’s nothing high-tech about it.

Then I open the screen of the HF10 and I look at the screen on my camera back (which I’m able to do with Live View Mode on the EOS-1Ds Mark III), and then I look to see that I have the exact same frame.

It was extremely complicated four years ago because I had this miniature ‘lipstick’ camera and attached it on my still camera.

And then I had a pouch with a video recorder – on tape obviously – and I had this box that I had to plug in about 10 different wires for video, sound and power.

So, because there’s a lot of movement, I thought that would work perfectly to show the ability of the camera.