He lives in Bahgdad and as you all know, it is a terrible life.

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This man told me he loved me after 3 days and mentioned marriage after a week in his less than perfect English. Sure, a beautiful Russian woman who could be model is going to fall in love with the guy just out of high school who could never get the girls. ) and/or find a nice, Muslim virgin younger than me from my own culture".

As you might guess, I am quite vulnerable after a long and fairly unhappy marriage and lengthy divorce proceedings.

it's true that muslim guy can have many wife and in their culture woman are treated second class citizen ....... cause he treated me really nice and i start to have feeling for him idon't know what to do......107909878 #15038By Anonymous on Wednesday, February 09, 2005 - am "These Muslim men really think we black girls are not as attractive as other races." Well obviously you aren't.

And further proof is in the fact that you converted to Islam just to marry a middle-eastern man -- you would change your religion just to avoid marrying a black.

I am also broke, at least temporarily and he has offered me money, which of course I refused.

Which means you fit the target demographic perfectluy.That's why they are called fairy tales and not reality. My impression is that he has a pure soul like an angel, he is sweet and caring and at the end of his rope from living in his war torn country.I have tried to disuade him at every turn but he seems immune to all of my shortcomings, including my brutal honesty about a love affair during my marriage and having HSV2. He wants to escape and has found someone (me) who is caring, kind and (with modesty) attractive for my age.Take care.103507957 #14116By Hadiya on Monday, December 20, 2004 - am This is answered so late but Anon you are bogus. I just hate it when these Middle Eastern men marry White or Asian women or whatever else kind of women but just pass up us black girls like we aren't even human or something.There are many older american women marrying younger husbands and it is for love. What kind of people are they, I just can't believe they could be so racist against us black women.085986805 #11167By tresss on Monday, May 31, 2004 - pm hi i married an Tunisian man . what is the odds ...089308458 #11829By Anonymous on Friday, July 09, 2004 - am Unknown...