When shutting down, I receive a message that there is a background program running.

I have to shut down the computer using the power button.

my computer keeps updating shut down-59my computer keeps updating shut down-79

It just closes whatever applications are running and say windows is shutting down."Since it is not a random hard power off there should be logs about it in the Event Viewer.

If there are no entries I have to write something that could be upsetting.

I loaded up a new HDD with windows 7 only and it still does it.

There were also no criticals, errors or warnings in the event logs with the new HDD.

I noticed that my computer stopped giving power to my external hard drive, keyboard and mouse, but it still keeps saying shutting down after that and it can last for a long time.

Under normal circumstances it would say shutting down for about ten seconds and then my input methods would stop working at the same time as the computer powers off.

I just went to turn off my computer, and after 5 min it was still at the message saying shutting down. It booted 2 or 3 times but would shut down after a few minutes.

Then as I tried to run Spybot or the recovery tool and it shuts down before it is complete, almost within 10 to 30 seconds.

Temps are good, gpu idles at 45, and I have even experienced a shutdown when just browsing the internet, with max temp at 56. As to errors in the OS I am using google a lot as well as reloading banged up OSes that folk ran registry cleaners, driver boosters and more. Please start a new clean discussion about your PC issues.

First try to replace your power cable (from PSU to AC plug) , then check if your power source (plug or extension cord) has a stable 220~230 V AC current and if its grounded properly .

Adoe Flash Player updated earlier today installing its most reason version for Windows 7 64-bit.