He says of this period of his life, that he would sometimes go out 7 nights a week to practice and would often be 'itching' to go out. Mystery was heavily influenced by his role as a magician and entertainer in the way he approached pick up artistry.

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Mystery first appeared on the pick up artist scene on April 15th 1997 when he posted on a seduction community Internet forum replying to someone else's post.

Very quickly, by 1998 he had become one of the most prominent members of the forum, having revealed many parts of his approach and mindsets towards meeting women.

The email created a lot of speculation but turned out to be an April Fool's joke.

Mystery spent many years developing his knowledge about pick up artistry by frequenting bars, clubs and strip joints in the Toronto area.

The unlucky turn of events with his career in magic effectively forced him to turn to his talent as a pick up artist to make money. Little is publicly known about the mother of the child, although she was seen in 20 in public with Mystery.

On April 1st 2011 an email was sent out from Venusian Arts announcing that Mystery (Erik von Markovik) had met an unfortunate accident and died.

Nick Savoy, a Wharton MBA, helped Mystery to build a more scalable business around his coaching and teachings.

They would train and recruit many 'pick up coaches' and the company steadily spread its feelers around the world to London, Europe and Australia.

Some of these are listed below: Mystery (Erik von Markovik) was born Erik James Horvat-Markovic in Toronto, Canada.

He grew up and lived there until his late 20s when he moved to L. to develop his career as a magician, and later a Pick Up Artist. In his early life Mystery was fascinated by Magic, and notes that David Copperfield was an idol.

His unique and different approach to the current dating gurus of the time (namely Ross Jeffries) often led him into spates with them.