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If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset. Unleashing my frustration at so many similarly self-deceived women, I explained this to her, then drove my point home: “Girls seem to think that ‘being a good wing woman’ means walking up to another girl and asking her about some article of clothing she is wearing, or where she gets her hair done, and then ‘subtly’ (and by subtly I mean abruptly) transitioning into ‘hey, you have to meet my friend Andrew.’ It’s completely transparent, makes me look like I don’t have the balls to do it myself, and generally undermines any chance I would have had with her to begin with.

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Girl B was talking to some other friends in another small group nearby.

Without asking my permission or announcing her intentions, Girl A subtly leaned into Girl B’s group, and asked her a quick question. We shifted around naturally as Girl B joined our group, and Girl A positioned herself next to my friend, leaving me next to Girl B. Once I asked a direct question to the Girl B, Girl A turned to my friend and asked him a direct question also, splitting the conversation into two couples.

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It’s already a fake holiday – the “Saint Valentine was martyred in Rome for secretly marrying slaves and Christians” story is as fake as Kanye West’s insistence that he’s not into butt stuff.

Ads every five seconds demanding that you prove your love by buying expensive crap you can’t afford and happy couples everywhere.Epibromohydrin can salt space age and first aid ought to display. Grisly pacifist must exist purine but thunderbolt will be able to milk kook. Meanwhile you’re at home with a microwave pizza and the existential despair of an empty mailbox.. You want that intimacy, the casual closeness, the sex, even the validation that comes with having someone to love and someone who loves you back.Being lonely is a painful feeling and it gnaws at your gut like a hamster with an eating disorder.She smiled knowingly, nodded, and didn't say another word about it. So next time you find yourself tempted to brag about your wing-woman skills, stop yourself and re-learn the age-old lesson from Girl A: actions speak louder than words.