It brings you to the next level in Self-Awareness, Personal Growth and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Empowerment, being in control of your State-of –Being and achieving results. I have worked to develop an integrative method of life therapy.

Please be aware however, that you should always be yourself – there is no point in pretending to be something that you are not just in order to impress your date.

Your future success is dependant on you being honest and open.

So for example if they raise their right hand, you mirror it by raising your left hand.

If they lean towards the left, you lean towards the right. Whatever you do though, make sure it is subtle otherwise you will come across unnatural and awkward and you don’t want them to think that you are copying them!

This method is the most powerful way to make changes in any area of one's life, career, business, relationship, health for example. What emerged is the discovery into our deepest nature.

It is the understanding of how the unconscious mind can heal and transform our lives if we are ready to make this journey.

Through meditation and my own personal development, I have developed a form of coaching more advanced than NLP Coaching. It is beyond our thoughts, beyond anything that we can describe. We can experience it on the deepest levels of our souls.

Iintegrated new methods into the coaching process to create a far more sustainable way to achieve real change in my clients. By rediscovering your Intimate Self, your True Nature will connect to the most vital aspect of the universe.

The better you get at understanding the physiology, tonality and words used by the other person, the more you will be able to establish rapport.

If nothing else, you will at least have had a fun time trying!

What follows therefore are just some tips to maximise your chances of building rapport with your date: 1.