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There are two ways to configure Live Update for a proxy server.

You can either configure it to use the proxy settings for your Internet Explorer, or you can customize your settings.

If you wish to use FTP only, you could configure these settings for FTP only and limit HTTP access.

Additionally, if you have to authenticate to go out through the proxy, you will also need to know the logon name and password that authenticates you.

Basically this configuration will depend on the specifics of your environment.

Norton Antivirus not updating with our proxy server.Save your changes to the file and restart the service to apply the changes.Next we need to modify the configuration file for Squid, use your favourite text editor and open ‘/etc/squid/squid.conf’.i have changed the file to port 8080 but still no luck.Error Message: Updating Error - There was an error performing the update.Let's not forget that there are situations when a bad update is issued that screws things up and by not having updates every few minutes, I self-insure that way. "By default, Automatic Live Update checks for updates every hour when your computer is connected to the Internet." Thanks for that.