New students will follow a different process the first time they enroll.

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The transcript must include the degree conferred and the date the degree was awarded.

Mizzou Online may accept faxed, scanned or photocopied version of transcripts as temporary documentation.

If you are degree-seeking and applying for financial aid, be sure to check enrollment requirements.

If you are taking self-paced courses, we suggest you enroll in a maximum of 6 hours at a time.

Keep in mind that completion of the PDF enrollment form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Your ability to do this is dependent on the Dates and Deadlines.

If unable to complete your change in my Zou, use one of the forms explained at our add/drop/withdrawal page.Yes, you can enroll as a post-baccalaureate (nondegree) or nondegree undergraduate student (you will need to apply to the University using the application for nondegree or post-baccalaureate admission).Enrolling as a non-degree-seeking student allows you to prepare for admission to a degree program, to take courses for career advancement, or for personal enrichment.You will not be able to drop your last or only course through my Zou.Doing this constitutes a "withdraw from the term" and there is a form for this: Term Withdrawal Form.It generally takes six semesters to finish a 33-hour master's program when enrolling in six hours each semester.