They were also joined by members of the emergency services for the 70-vehicle procession which created a great spectacle on the county’s roads.

The East Coast Truckers have become famous for the annual event - now in its 31st year - which aims to give children with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds a day they will never forget.“It’s all about giving the children a special day out.

It’s their day,” said Trevor Howlett, from the East Coast Truckers, who said the convoy was unique to the county and that he considered it an honour to be a part of it.

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Accidents can occur when animals dart on to the road.

Hall states, "animal accidents are a significant risk to truck drivers." To help prevent these types of accidents, Hall advises drivers to "be sure their headlights function properly and watch for everything on the side of the road in addition to traffic." Trucker To advises drivers to always be mindful weather conditions, road conditions, and other risk factors that can impact safe vehicle operation.

Oliver’s mum Lisa Walsh said: “The last three mornings he has woken up and said, ‘are we going on the truck today? He loves cars and trucks.”Another young person who enjoyed the day was 13-year-old Max Pulford, from Hingham, who was travelling in the truck of driver Iain Easter.

Max, who was joined by his carer Aidan Coulstock on the trip, said he was especially excited about going on a rollercoaster at Pleasurewood Hills.

One of the main blind spots is the right or passenger side of the truck.

Because of this, related accidents and sideswipes are very common." She advises, "If conditions allow, driving in the right lane is a way to reduce right/passenger side sideswipe accidents." Hall emphasizes the importance of signaling properly when changing lanes.

A pre-trip should take approximately 15 minute and can save a driver time and money down the road." She reminds, "The pre-trip inspection is a driver's first line of defense during Department of Transportation (DOT) roadside inspections.

Proper pre-trip inspections can prevent Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) points for violations received during a roadside inspection.

Norwich’s Lord Mayor, Marion Maxwell, was among the many people who waved the procession off from Norwich.

She said it was an amazing event and it was wonderful to see the smiles on the children’s faces.

Conversations while driving, even when hands-free, are still a distraction.