Whereas average joe has an average shot in the real world, average joe has to fight through a veritable army of men online to get what he wants.

The profile that had no pictures, no description, nothing except for the fact that I was a woman, received about 3 messages a day for the first few days, before eventually moving out of the “new user” category.

At that point I would receive about 1 message every two days.

It was the most horrifying job I’ve ever done, partly because of the deranged people I worked with, and mostly due to the insane stats I saw behind the scenes.

Let me put it this way: dating websites don’t want you to succeed.

I know some of you are going to disagree with me, so let’s get an obvious argument out of the way right now.

I personally do not know anyone that ended up in a good relationship from online dating. To them, if they exist, I say “congratulations, I hope it works out.” To everyone else, I only have one thing to say: stay the fuck away from online dating.

Do you think he gives a shit about any of those girls? They’re all just numbers, and if he threatens enough girls with his tits virus, eventually someone will be dumb enough to cave.

As I ventured into online dating for myself, armed to the teeth with skills, I conducted a highly scientific, postmodernistical experiment from the future: I created two women’s profile to see how many messages I would receive.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: geeks, there is no substitute for real world interactions.