I think you've named most of the large free dating sites already.

Other major ones such as e Harmony allow you to sign up and message for free but restrict how much you can view of the other persons profile.

If you're interested in niche dating, there are a lot of free ones based on your personality/lifestyle, i.e.

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The best services allow you to see things like how often people log onto the site.

That way you know if they are active users or if you should interact with other, more active subscribers instead.

We found Match, Spark and Plentyof Fish to have the most helpful tools of the sites we compared.

Read on for more information about popular online dating apps like Tinder and articles about online dating.

All of these can serve a purpose as you make connections and set up face-to-face meetings.

Help & Support All online dating sites should offer a way to ask questions if you have them, especially with any potential safety concerns about other site users.

You can also usually just look at photos to start the process.

That way you know if you are attracted on the most basic level.

There will always be a few bad apples who do not fill out the questionnaires honestly, for various reasons, but if you find even a small handful of compatible people it could be worth it.

Search Tools Each person values different things but if you know you are not compatible with anyone under or over a certain age, for example, you can filter for that.

Most services also allow you to create favorite lists of your most promising potential dates.