Coffee shop and restaurant deals are given to users to provide a casual environment to meet.

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Since its launch in 2011 ‘I-Um’ is the most well-known and trusted app.

The main benefits of this app, is the ability to fully personalize your profile, its simple use and security.

One would assume that dating apps would be huge in Korea for two reasons; everyone is wired into smart phones and ‘couple culture’ encompasses Korean holidays and leisure activity – there is even a day to mourn the singles.

The reality is that online dating services have a mixed response from the public.

The name of the application literally translates to ‘With you, With Me’, and has a cute design layout.

The arrangement works like so; one gets introduced to 16 eligible people every day.Friends are set up through mutual acquaintances and since the ‘blind date’ is already screened by a trusted friend, one feels safer.Koreans are more reluctant to open up to dating apps because they fear they will be conned, scammed or even worse.The name of the app is a combination of ‘운명’ meaning ‘fate’ and ‘dating’, to literally translate to ‘Fa-Ting’.This interesting app matches people based on fate, so instead of displaying facts about oneself, partners are matched based on their star sign and zodiac.Security is tight on this app and every account in thoroughly check and you must go through an extensive security process to even be given an account.