Since the Revolution, Civil War, collectivization, famines, the gulag and above all World War II had led to a drastic demographic skew in which women considerably outnumbered men, a Russian man's marriage to it foreigner and subsequent departure meant that one less man was available for Russian women.

Compulsory military service and the fact that men were more likely than women to have access to classified information also made it more difficult to obtain an exit visa for a foreign husband.

"And the way a man treats his mother is the way he'll treat you." Sometimes said Melissa, who recently started living in Moscow with her Russian spouse, "I think, what does it take for an nice, normal American girl to do this?

About us The pace of contemporary is so frantic that people just don't have time for their personal lives.

I mean, she' can tell a fib in a social situation, but her instinctive reaction is to tell the truth!

" In a totalitarian society in which lying had become an ingrained reflex, such honesty would have been both dangerous and naive.

Even though we have a lot of arguments, I feel that she's a real friend as well as my lover." The American conviction that being honest is always the right thing to do - even if it hurts the spouse - can provide fertile ground for serious conflict.

One American wife who told her Russian husband about a one-night stand she had had after too many drinks during a business trip was shocked when he demanded a divorce.Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the overwhelming majority of mixed unions (aside from Russian émigrés who married Americans) involved American men and Russian women.Though the Soviet authorities, after years of refusals, delays, and harassment, might reluctantly grant exit visas to the Russian wives of foreigners, getting permission for a man to leave was far more difficult."To call him a chauvinist pig is putting it mildly.his mother did everything for him." "He's not one to talk about his feelings or think it's important to express yourself," volunteered another woman who admitted to a preference for letting it all hang out. and the close involvement in the marriage of the husband's parents are not universally appreciated." Unscathed by American feminism, the Russians still open doors, hold coats, pay a woman compliments, pick up the check in a restaurant, and feel it is their role to take care of the "weaker sex." For American women accustomed to males cowed by feminist rhetoric, this Russian protectiveness can have great appeal.