This guy brings far more drama to the table than any reasonable woman could handle.Passive aggressive “jokes” about me seeing other people aside, he was way too into me, way too soon…A MUCH older man- we’re talking twenty years my senior. Besides leaving me brokenly muttering the words “I can’t…

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I know it’s a free dating site, but certainly the company can afford to contract an experienced survey methodologist! but the part of me that hates dating strangers is taking one massive sigh of relief.

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A huge part of a successful birthday outing (for single Jane) was meeting a boy at the bar, for a birthday make-out, if nothing else. Jane here- still in a happy and healthy relationship without any interesting stories for my blog readers.

The downfall of this in our particularly domesticated city, is that 9 times out of 10, I would mark my prey and go in for the kill, only to discover that the dude has a girlfriend (thumbs down). However, after listening to the adventures in dating my friend “Paige” has been experiencing, I thought it may be time to pass the torch to someone still in the trenches. I had to search the topic in the “help” tab, and then find the “delete” button on the cluttered screen I was redirected to.

There you have it- all is well over here, and it IS possible to find love in Ottawa 🙂 I’m sorry, I am too mentally exhausted right now to come up with a better antonym, or a less cheesy title for this blog post.

Needless to say, this will not be ending on a positive note- so I’ll make sure it starts with one!

This is something that I think is inherently wrong with online dating.

It’s too hard to get to know someone, and far too easy to dismiss people, online.

Which quite frankly, could be a sign of desperation, or straight up mental instability.

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