There is no way to intercept the moment that Membership Provider is instantiated.Because of that, you cannot configure the constructor of a custom class to be prepared for dependency injection.

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Finally I don't like that you have to override so many methods. The desing should allow you to inherit from different classes with more default behaviors.

I think Net Membership has an old fashion design and needs to be rebuilt.

As stated here the Validating Password event has completed, the properties of the Validate Password Event Args object supplied as the e parameter can be examined to determine whether the current action should be canceled and if a particular Exception, stored in the Failure Information property, should be thrown." Here is some details/code which really shows why Failure Information could be null with my Membership settings i should get an exception that password does not match password security conditions, but it is not happened.

Security located here) Framework Code to see whats really happens there, but i cant step into this assembly, may be because of this Easily i may step into any another . Validating Password and in the handler you do your coding.

Now i have only one idea how ti fix it - to override method On Validating Password(Validate Password Event Args e). May be some one may help: 1) Any ideas why On Validating Password not working? @pc1oad1etter my complete implementation contains logic which checking password not contains user name, the base implementation does not do that, and probably you right, call base is not required if i check all the rest config values myself. NET Reflector and inspect the Change Password method of Sql Membership Provider class.

Equals and hashcode methods are two primary but yet one of most important methods for java developers to be aware of.Java intends to provide equals and hashcode for every class to test the equality and to provide a hash or digest based on content of class.Importance of hashcode increases when we use the object in different collection classes which works on hashing principle e.g. A well written hashcode method can improve performance drastically by distributing objects uniformly and avoiding collision.This design leads to use the "service locator" anti-pattern.You would need data services or log services and this forces you to instantiate them in a bad way.Another bad thing is for example the Create User method, which is loaded with lots of parameters... Why don't use the same Membership User or a Pre Membership User class instead of so many parameters?