At one point in the manga, Tamaki realizes that he loves Haruhi as a woman and not as a daughter.However, he does not act on it because of his own divided family, fearing that something similar will happen to the Host Club should he ever pursue Haruhi romantically.

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Her father is a transvestite who works odd jobs to support their middle class lifestyle.

She is practical and honest to a fault, but also caring and insightful.

Tamaki is partial to classic piano music and plays exceedingly well.

He refers to his club as his "family," with himself as the father figure; Kyoya, the mother; Haruhi, the daughter; Hikaru and Kaoru, the brothers; and Mori and Honey, the uncles.

When he is kicked out by Haruhi or teased by her, he tends to grow mushrooms in either a closet or a corner.

Tamaki is half Japanese and half French, living under the custody of his father, the wealthy chairman of Ouran Academy.And while she marries Tamaki in the manga, her feelings in the anime are left ambiguous.Haruhi is dedicated to her studies and aspires to enter law school to emulate her deceased mother.Suoh hand picks the members with variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers.Each club member plays a specific role as a bish┼Źnen stereotype: Tamaki Suoh is the princely type; Kyoya is the cool type; Mori is the strong silent type; Honey is the cute type; Hikaru and Kaoru are the little devil type; and Haruhi is the natural type (once promoted to hosthood).Haruhi is mistaken to be a boy due to her androgynous name, baggy clothing and cropped hair.