Thanks to a crop of niche dating websites, you can find your ideal mate based on very specific criteria.

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I suppose it's impossible to get a real feel for someone just by reading their profiles. Good Outdoorsman Sample Online Dating Profile #2 I like the outdoors and enjoy being outside - I hunt everything and spend lot of time on lake.

Just know that I am the kind of guy you can imagine cuddling up with you to watch a movie, tickling you till you cry, going on a hike to majestic locations, making you laugh, sharing a picnic, holding your hand, talking with you, listening to you, taking you dancing, playing a board or card game with you, surprising you with flowers, and bringing you breakfast in the morning. I'd like for the person I meet to be interested in [outdoor activity].

Living Extreme was founded in 2010 by a fan of walking and outdoor lifestyles who identified that an online dating service could really help connect others singletons to share in similar outdoor activities.

Loving the outdoors is a passion best shared by two.

At least until the kids get a little older, that one might have to wait.

I did sign up for a meetup movie group just recently, and we have our first meetup over Memorial Day weekend. I love movies, and seeing one with a group and then hashing it over at a coffee shop after sounds like a lot of fun. So tell me, readers - where can I go to meet people in real life?

What I need are places I can go to where I might meet people who could potentially be interested in meeting me. I just think a forty-something woman nursing a drink at a happy hour full of twenty-somethings and looking hopefully at every middle-aged guy is kind of...or something.

I wasn't into the bar scene when I was younger, and I'm still not today. Peter's mid-week night with the kids shifts from week to week, so I'd probably have to get a sitter to do it, and that's money out of my pocket in addition to the class fee.

A relationship is a two way street and you'll always get in return to what you put into it.

I am not looking to bore you with tons of flattering adjectives about myself, if I sound interesting - let me know - I will get back to you. Serving in the military taught me to value respect and honesty.

All people have something special and unique about them that makes them great.