As I can reproduce this I have files bug 1237571 I encourage you to create a Bugzilla account if you do not already have one and add yourself to the cc list in the bug. Select 'i Calendar (ICS)' (default), and enter location, e.g.: has to be the actual name of the calendar on the Web DAV server. I had the calendar owner add an event and a hour or so later (Outlook's default refresh rate) it popped up on my Lightning! I'll probably post a question on that soon if my experiments fail. The procedure is not intuitive, but here's what you do, in Thunderbird: 1. That is why I filed the bug, Thunderbird should do that, it used to.

I have just spent far to much time trying to figure this out.. To set up the whole thing from scratch (Web DAV server), here's a link: but I didn't need to set the server up -- already had that. (Note, I did publish, but it never updates on the server with new events) Actually, I did figure it out. Personally I dislike using ics as they are read only. Just changing the webdav:\ to HTTP:\ will always work, as the prior is just a method o allow automation of the linking to a calendar application.

outlook webdav calendar not updating-29

I'm trying to move the office to Ubuntu and Thunderbird/Lightning but I have a problem.

Even though Lightning let's me publish Web DAV calendars (as described above) it does not refresh future updates to the server, so no one sees anything other that what I initially published.

It means I cannot introduce Ubutnu/Thunderbird workstations gradually.

I'd have to convert EVERYONE from WIN7/Outlook to Ubuntu so Cal DAV could be used since a) Outlook does not support Cal DAV and b) Lightning apparently only supports Web DAV as a subscriber.

Is there a server side configuration that can be set for the syncronizing of subscriptions back to Outlook 2010? When publishing a calendar to a dedicated webdav enabled site, there is an advanced setting controlling the syncronization frequency, also, when subscribing to a web published calendar there is a disabling of the server configuration in the advanced properties.

What is happening is the updates from a published client calendars are not reaching the client subscribers in a timely enough fashion, I would like to know if any server side configuration is involved in this timing or is it stricly a function of Outlook itself.

The publisher, however, can update his/her own calendar and Outlook will update the server, and client-Outlooks will refresh the subscriber's copy.

Not great, but without Exchange that's all Outlook has to offer.

I have an invitation from the publishing party in the form of a URL: webcals://

In Outlook, clicking that link subscribes me to the calendar and it appears in my list of Calendars.

Seems like a simple fix -- and an easy way to facility Outlook converts.