Prosecutors contend Hodges performed both such searches in murdering Brown. The same tools of the Internet can aid in staying safe from a dating predator. You can determine if your boyfriend-to-be actually is divorced or if he is just hiding his wedding ring.

In Kansas it takes more work, but Missouri is one of the states with online access to a plethora of public records. (Hodges has one ex-wife, one current one and a bevy of girlfriends, prosecutors said.) Or you may find nothing.

The initial fee to join is on sale for half price until the end of February (0) and then it costs 80 dollars for every match/date she helps arrange.

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Ladies, a man can ask the Internet how long it will take for you to die by suffocation.

Another search can give tips on disposing of your dead body and ways of camouflaging it.

Ellington says through her process, she asks a lot of questions and really gets to know her clients and what's important to them.

"I become like a friend and they trust me," she says.

Brown’s body was found last September, wrapped up in a tarp and thrown into a patch of woods near College Boulevard.

The South Carolina doctor came to Overland Park for a medical conference and to meet with Hodges.— Online dating no longer has the stigma it once did.Lots of people of all ages are doing it and many even fall in love and end up walking down the aisle. She’s been in the business now for 21 years, when she first started her business called “Friendship Exchange.” She says hundreds of happy marriages have come from that social club and from her one on one dating business called “Relationship Headhunters.” Ellington says people sometimes try online dating before they come to her, but their biggest complaint is the time they spend sorting through profiles.A man worthy of your time won’t mind a little checking.Despite its benefits, online dating circumvents the traditional safety measures that come when a trusted friend or a relative makes the introduction.But much like anything online, it doesn’t seem very personal to some people. “It can take a lot of time, almost like another job,” she says. ” When Ellington first started in 1991, video dating was the in thing, but much like internet dating it was still left up to the individuals who they wanted to date.