"Tonight is a representation of the end of a chapter in my life; it's not the end of the book," O'Day said in a backstage interview before the finale.

"I will do everything possible to make my mark on this industry, and Danity Kane and Puff provided me with this amazing opportunity to go out and really touch people's hearts.

Maybe some of the other members were on a different page, is that what happened? Woods: "I think everyone works differently, but I think that if you could just respect everyone's work ethic, which ya know everyone has different work ethics, and I think that's the reason why me and Aubrey gravitated to each other.

I wanted our group to work and sometimes you have to put business in front of your feelings." Aubrey told D. "There was another case of manipulation and lying and pushing solo projects over the group," O'Day said, revealing what set off the fight last year.

"There was no fallout, there was only one person acting erratic.

On the show he has stated that you sorta caught the wrath of Aubrey, does that mean that maybe you could still have a soft spot for him? Woods: "I definitely always want to keep it respectful, he has done a lot in this industry.

You never wanna burn bridges, that what I was taught.

They re-grouped last year, but fell apart after a violent fight between Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard.

Now, Aubrey is speaking out about the band's volatile past with Dawn.Though she was understandably ticked off, she decided not to tell anyone about her discovery just yet. Woods confronted her, left for two days," Aubrey added."Had I told anyone at the time, the group would have been over," she said. Woods would have never played after that, she would have come at [Dawn] real quick, especially after the type of vulgar disrespect that was being spoken. "She told us it was her boyfriend that had done it the whole time." "When we came back together [in 2014], we had hoped that a lot of the things in the past had changed, and they hadn't," Aubrey continued.What do you do when you're dismissed from a popular girl band and you have to make your way through the industry on your own? Here are some highlights from the interview: Hollyscoop: You have so many fans that wanted to see Danity Kane back together, is that how you feel also?You hold your head up high and you keep pushing forward. How does looking back at the experience make you feel now? Woods: "I feel like everything happens for a reason, it came to an end when it needed to.And that was it." O'Day says she was hoping Dawn would come back and apologize after allegedly hitting her in the back of the head, but that never happened.