Is Taeyeon going back to playing with SM male idols?? As for Jonghyun and Yeri, in all honesty it seems like a delusion that Jonghyun would risk being with a minor [ 65][-12] 9. It was merely Jonghyun and Jessica being fond of each other so it got misconstrued for something else. Well, the truth is that when men like you they tend to hang around you [ 66][-6] about the ship korea wanted and is glad they could get.

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helped her because of that, while the stuff for Joy and Chanyeol is plain bogus [ 234][-13] 4. they probably didn't even set out to go out with these people but it happened naturally while they were training together or backstage during concerts so..

At that time Shawols and Sones were aware of something possible with Taecyeon [ 64][-5] 10. She must be with all six member then, because they were all next to Chanyeol [ 51][-5] I would be shocked more if they weren't dating the most popular boy group and girl group members are in 1 company and always see each other it would be extremely naive of people if they thought nothing was happening especially to idols like this who are monitored so extremely outside of the sm building..where else can they meet someone??

Nate Pann: Idols dating at SM Town concert First it starts as a romantic friendship on SM Town.

Characteristics: Romantic friendship that includes two people who stay near each other and are always trying to hang out together. Baekhyun and Taeyeon It's said that Dispatch knows 2 more EXO members that are dating, but I truthfully had no idea D.

Pann: Dating rumors of Simon D with a girl group member surface on hip hop community "You guys are going to hear some shocking news soon. why isn't he working on releasing his album soon instead." "The girl group member has an 'i' in her initial." 1.

[ 160, -24] Whoever the girl group member is, she hit jackpot with dating Simon D 2.

[ 7, -0] Even if it is true, Simon D has nothing to be put down for..

and even if it is Irene, I don't think she could do better.

[ 27, -0] How could you even compare Simon D to Choiza? I guess a lot of hip hop musicians are dating girl group members than I thought, kind of jealous. [ 9, -1] No way it's Irene, she's had a packed schedule on top of comeback preparations, no time for dating.