It is a story that closely reflects the actor’s own experience of losing his first wife Cassandra to ovarian cancer in 1991 when she was just 43 after 17 happy years together.“When I received the script the challenge of playing this part was not lost on me,” says the 59-year-old former James Bond. I’m a father and know something about loss of life having lost my first wife to cancer so I could identify with it on that level.

There were many emblems there that yielded to my own sensibilities.”When Cassandra died Brosnan vowed he would never marry again.

Cassandra's daughter Charlotte, who Pierce was the adoptive father of, sadly died of the same illness in 2013.

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The married couple are currently holidaying in Paris and were pictured cosying up on the balcony earlier today, taking romantic snaps of themselves.

Selfie fan Pierce was also seen taking photos of himself when his journalist wife headed back inside.

When Keely looks at me, I go weak," the James Bond actor added to German magazine Meins.

Pierce was previously married to Cassandra Harris, who tragically passed away aged 43 in 1991, after a battle with ovarian cancer.

I don't think she even knew she'd get that much attention from it." But the most surprising 1D comment comes from Harry Styles: "I think it's quite inappropriate.

Especially for the age group that it's aimed at.

But before she can reach her hands inside, Meygyn has shoved her aside. Claire stands up and slaps Damian across the face before marching to the bathroom. An impossible Cheshire cat grin breaks out gradually on her face.

Meygyn, almost feral, cracks two bottles on the ground and smears the solution on her face. Hugh, weary and bleary-eyed, looks up at Damian and his wife pleadingly. “Hey, so, like, do you think Miley’s gonna be home in the next half hour, or like. She cackles—somehow both shrill and deep at once—and the wooden dining table reverberates.

Wearing a tight blue t-shirt and black jeans, Pierce, 62, was looking much younger than his actual age.