As a woman in her 50s, how do you stay comfortable with your body in the midst of the perfect-body craze of Hollywood?

and the comedy “The Station Agent.” Clarkson also makes memorable turns in big Hollywood films like Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island,” and “Friends with Benefits,” starring Justin Timberlake, who also played her son in the video, “Motherlover.”Written by Tom Dolby, who co-directed with Tom Williams, the film features rich people in trouble behaving badly.

Clarkson stars as Celia Green, the mother of two sons, Theo (Zachary Booth) and Roger (Joseph Cross), who convene over Labor Day weekend at the family’s Tahoe lake house to grapple with various personal and professional crises. I might have been a journalist, because those are my heroes. The most interesting thing about your performance here is that viewers have to recalibrate how they feel about Celia in just about every scene.

You're one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses, which adds up to very busy schedule.

I love being home and I love going out to dinner at night.

Are you a health nut, in a health rut, or do you fall somewhere in between?

Of the five senses, which do you value most and why? There's nothing better than something that smells good.

Most recently, you play a magazine editor who flies to Cairo to meet her husband only to fall into a brief love affair with his personal body guard in Cairo Time, by Toronto director Ruba Nadda.

As a woman who's never married, how much did you relate to your character?

She was into following dreams, and deferred her dream by raising five children. I think she has pushed them away, and she realizes it may be too late.

She’s thrilled I’m flourishing and living my dream. I’m the schmoe-est of the five because I’m just an actress. It’s part of the character and the process of finding Celia. They come from different backgrounds and have different emotional lives, husbands and children.

I've certainly had extraordinary relationships with remarkable men in my life and I value each and every one of them.