If nothing comes of it, you've still had a pleasant interaction with an attractive woman.

I'm painfully shy in person and I find the opposite.

I find having the opportunity to build a certain level of rapport before meeting people, or just socialising in this medium rich with forum buddies, ideal. So, you don't have a car, I've been called multi-cultural filth.

What posesses you to take on the identity of being socially anxious? Now as a non-shy person I use my occasional feelings of being anxious or uncomfortable as a gauge for discerning if I am dealing with my "type" of person(s).

Everyone deals with that from time to time, difference is we don't all identify with it. Often times my feelings will reveal "facts" to me quicker than my logic as many people put on their best face for you.

It's quite simply, to assume before you try, that you will fail utterly, and be rejected again.

If I convince myself thoroughly enough, but don't actually play the "poor me" game with myself, then I can relax, and actually speak clearly enough, and calmly enough, that I know I no longer appear to be insane. Nothing but already being a natural seems to do that.Whoopy doo da day, some people have prejudices, what a shock.I don't want to share my time with people who are like this, so where is the loss, when there are so many brilliant people to interact with its a struggle to keep up?Because we're so comfortable on here and therefore express much more interest in people - we in turn can get just as many rejections, but whereas it doesn't feel like a risk to message someone, the cyber-rejections still have an effect on us (Social Anxiety sufferers) that I believe carry over into our everyday lives offline. It doesn't help that I don't have a car, and because more then 90% of girls on this site outright reject me for that alone, I figured it'd just be more of the same with her.Just the other day a girl at a bar kept eyeing me up after I let her know that the song she played on the jukebox was a good choice- I said "I love this band" (grimes) and she looked over and smiled, and just kept looking over... Fearing rejection is just no way to live, so I would suggest dealing with that straight on - professional mental health workers can do wonders.How do you see your world, personally/internally , and after that..large?? But the truly important things in life, are worth taking that chance, IMO.