Use the "Phoenix SQL Config Tool" to define the path where the scheduled exported file will be saved that is located on the "Service Engine Export Data Path" tab.

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You may now select the user from the list, fill in the required fields and click Apply; Phoenix SQL will then create the entry in the Address Book for the selected user.

Phoenix SQL had issue polling the ATG for TCP/IP to Passthru-port connections.

New features added to this release A System type has been added for the FSC3000, the ART System's new fuel site controller.

This controller brings with it 32 products and 8 hose dispenser support.

This feature also includes support for scheduling price updates.

Adds support to capture network card type codes during polling process.

Problems and Known Issues Resolved in this Release Version: (Upgrade/Patch) Release Date: 12/12/2011 New features added to this release Phoenix SQL Configuration Tool contains a new tab called "Database Credentials." The new feature allows the user to change the login credentials of the SQL Database that was created during the installation of Phoenix SQL or after the migration of an existing P4W database.

Problems and known issues resolved in this release Click to Download Phoenix Plus Version: 3.1 Release Date: 1/29/2007 Copyright © 1999-2007 OPW Fuel Management Systems, All Rights Reserved This document provides information about known issues, fixes and new features that are available in this release.

This modification was added in order for OPW to provide better support to the user.