The newspapers have multiple tabs/pages, and to be safe I fully scrolled each page and clicked on each different tab. The secret logs look identical to newspapers until you pick them up.

playfire trophy card not updating-18playfire trophy card not updating-6

, I've seen many times where new games just do not show up on it.

My card still works for the time being but I'm sure I will have to look for alternatives here soon as well so I appreciate the suggestions as well.

I believe it's found in the first chapter during the portion where the game tells you to shave. I was pretty meticulous about visiting every single area I could after each plot change and re-looking at each item even if I'd picked it up before.

Some of the newspapers seemed like duplicates, but I re-read them anyways. I sent the bug report and got messaged a few days later.

Images will automatically download as they try to load.

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That's probably not necessary, but it might be best just to be safe. It's lying on the kitchen table during the final portion where you need to close all the shutters (after resetting Alice's lazerous). It said thanks for letting us know and this report will be forwarded on to the correct department. and the update history on my Play Station only has a description for 1.01.

Finally, the trophy pops when you read the last item. Then, a few days after that, my system downloaded update 1.02 for the game. I haven't yet had the motivation to replay the entire game and tediously look at every item again. I did reload my final save point though and replayed through the end of the game. Either the trophy does require a one session playthrough after selecting "New Game" and it doesn't count by doing it from Fragment selection (picking the first one and continuing from there) or there is at least one collectible I keep missing (for example, there seem to be none if you return to the Gym during the nighttime part, whereas every other place resets their collectibles).

Maybe it was a bug that was patched, or maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

I decided to delete all the previous stuff I wrote about needing to get into Alice's lab because you don't need to and more than likely can't. Anyways, there's really not many collectibles to get. I did a really quick 3rd playthrough that took less than 3 hours.

All the ones i see are rather large and take up too much space in the sig for my liking.